photo-70I was born and raised in Valencia, California, which has forever forced me to follow up that statement with, “yes, that’s where Six Flag Magic Mountain is,” and “no, I don’t have a season pass because my mom says there’s gang violence there.”

I broke free after 18 years of boring suburbia and found myself on a real roller coaster, called Arizona State University. After 4 (fine…5) years of majoring in journalism and having the time of my life with unbeatable friends (who helped inspire Siding with Plato) I grew up, graduated, and entered the working world . . . as an unpaid intern.

From New York to LA and back again, I experienced life in public relations, marketing, social media, and finally landed an amazing job as a writer and red carpet reporter at an entertainment news publication.

Jumping into the chaotic world fit my personality to a T, since I tend to live a little impulsively – explaining the one bright green wall in my apartment and the fact that I am a dog owner now – but writing a novel was the biggest test I’ve ever given myself. There is no such thing as instant gratification in this process and as much as I wear my heart on my sleeve it still feels like letting someone read my diary. Without my amazingly supportive family and friends, I wouldn’t have the bravery to pursue this career path. I truly hope you enjoy my quirky little chic-lit.

This bio is a bore, but I promise you Siding With Plato isn’t! Happy Reading!