It’s here, it’s here!

book-coverI’m so excited that Siding With Plato is officially up and out there! It’s a great summer read that will have you wanting to go back to school . . . for all the wrong reasons! It’s pure nostalgia for anyone who went to college, something to look forward to if higher education is on the horizon, and a love story everyone can relate to!

Brooke Aarons can’t get to college fast enough. Leaving behind her small town life, she intends to transform herself into a brilliant psychologist at the University of Texas, with no distractions to slow her down. 

Fascinated by the study of human behavior, Brooke decides to see what all the fuss is about when she agrees to go on a double date with the school’s star football player. 

James Cartwright’s campus celeb-status, endless bucks, and long line of willing girls makes him a non-starter for Brooke, who is far too smart to let those flashy attributes trick her into thinking he’s worth her time. But as his charms begin to beat her logic, she soon learns the psychology behind a bad crush is a whole lot messier of a subject. 

Maybe Plato was right when he said, “Love is a serious mental disease.” If so, her psych. classes better offer a solution to falling in love fast or she’ll be the one needing her head examined!

Siding With Plato is on Amazon now!