It’s That Time of Year Again!

That statement paired with an exclamation point usually means Christmas but strangely enough I’m talking about school almost being back in session. The first day of school in elementary school is a drag. In JR High it’s a nightmare. In high school it’s dependent upon your social ranking. But in college is a thrill!

The self-made schedule that lets you sleep in, the readily available group of friends at every turn, and a whole new crop of people to meet with every new class.¬†Of course if you’re an early-rising shut in with social anxiety you’re probably not looking forward to summer’s end… and online college is the place for you!

On Brooke Aarons’s first day at the University of Texas, she shows up to her dorm knowing nobody. Three of the people she meets in that day turn out to be her best friends as they spend the next year tangled in a mess of college parties, romances gone wrong, and a whole lot of laughter. This book may be fiction but I’ll weigh in that I met my best friends on my first day at college and am pretty jealous of all the future freshman right now!

Hint: One of my best friends sent me this picture when she got to Chapter 24 … notice anything familiar?