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“What a fun read! It’s my first time reading anything by this author and will most definitely NOT be my last.”


“Siding With Plato” was super-fun, super-quirky, and laugh-out-loud hilarious! It brought me back to my college days—though, I didn’t have this much fun in my days.”


“Brooke is amazingly well-developed and I connected to her immediately, not to mention her excitable little gaggle of friends. James, on the other hand, took a little bit of warming up to. Eventually, he proved himself to be a worthy hero and by the end, I was sold.”


“I absolutely love Manning’s writing style; it was very easy to follow along and get sucked it. Grab this one if you want something light, fun and insanely entertaining!”


“Siding with Plato was such a fun read! It took me right back to my first love, my college years, and the amazing friends I made along the way. Witty, relatable, and very funny…I definitely recommend it!”


“Siding with Plato brought a wave of nostalgia for me; it took me way back to my college days. I give it up to the author, Michelle Manning, for this because the book is very modern yet quite timeless.”


“While reading it, I felt like a fresh man all over again and could easily relate because just like the author, I had to leave my home town for college and it was quite an adventure when it came to love and dating. I also love the fact that now I am aware of where the term ‘lovesickness’ came from and the psychology behind it.”


“This aside the author’s comical language and witty sarcasm is truly impressive; she had me hooked from the first chapter. I am normally not a fan of new authors but after this book, I am really hoping for more from this author. The ending of the book is the cherry on top.”


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“I found myself laughing my a** off and feeling all the different emotions Brooke was going through. I love the friends conversations, the pranks pulled on the guys, and Brooke and her friends putting the snotty sorority girls in their place.”


“I would read more of this story. Come on write Sophomore year!”


“I love when a new author comes across my desk. Michelle Manning is that new author for January. I always start the book with a little worry about what to expect. Siding with Plato is exactly what I was hoping for and more.”

“I liked the concept of this novel and thought the author did a good job of fulfilling the promise that this would be a comedy. Plenty of reasons to smile and laugh here, and possibly even make those around you think you have lost your mind.”


“I loved this book and read it nonstop. It was hilarious, fun, and kept me wanting to know what would happen next. Brooke’s friends are the type you wish to have once you’re in college. I loved how they could be themselves around each other. The pranks they pulled on the guys kept me laughing. The romance between Brooke and James stirred my curiosity.”

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“I was more than pleased surprised to find out that “Siding with Plato” it’s not just an ordinary romance book, but one which comes with a fresh, lovely and modern perspective over the classic love aspects, with well-developed and captivating characters which conquered me even from the first pages!

The dose of romance mixed with amusement which I found it especially in the lines between Brooke and her girlfriends, made me laugh-out-loud!

But, besides that, what I most enjoyed, was the subtle psychological manner in which the author, through the protagonist, made me, as a reader, to have my own self-introspection, thing which left me with a great deal to think of, regarding this topic.

I would totally recommend Michelle Manning’s book to the all the ladies who are craving for an easy-read hard to put down once started!”

Absolutely loved it! Its an unapologetically modern feminist coming of age story of a group of friends in college that’s funny, romantic, raunchy, and all too familiar.

If you’ve ever been a freshman woman in college then you will laugh out loud, and feel both nostalgic for those college years and happy their gone and you’ve learned from them. Its a Rom Com in paperback.”

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