Siding With Plato Takes to Thailand!

How do you know you’re a good friend? When you’ll wake up at 5 AM to take a gal pal to the airport for an international crack-of-dawn flight. My Twitter may tell you I’m a self-proclaimed “early bird” but I’m pretty sure I was talking about 8 AM on … Alright, side note I actually do like getting up really early but I thought complaining would help make my point – that I’m a good friend … And I thought I was upholding my half of the friendship much better than my counter part thanks to the early morning LAX run- until she sent me this photo.


After finishing Siding with Plato on her way to Thailand (a quick read plus a long flight equals done in a day), she checked into the hotel Konchasri Thani in Chiang Mai. At the end of her stay there, she visited the Sharing Library in the hotel and left the book for future guests to read. She may have won this round but she has an embarrassingly public thank you coming her way!